The Hotel

Allure complex

The Allure complex was designed to be a special experience center of the 21st century. It is a home for relaxation and renewal, be it active rest, sports or real recreation. The hotel is located on the edge of the city of Eger, on the bank of the Eger stream and at the gate of the Bükk mountain range. Thanks to its location, it is also excellent for sightseeing in Eger and
exploring the surrounding natural wonders. Allure in Eger is the only hotel in the country where, in addition to 19 large suites (60-75 m2), a 1500 m2 wellness & spa area and a 2000 m2 fitness complex are available to guests. And this is also important because we already know that in today’s fast-paced world, the value of maintaining health has increased significantly.

We believe that Allure is an island where sports opportunities, wellness, culinary delights, and an exclusive environment all serve to fully relax our guests.

Hotel with natural elegance

We are proud that the dreamer of the complex’s design is Zoltán Varró, a Gold Key Award-winning designer. His name is associated with such works as the Aria Hotel Budapest, the Mystery Hotel Budapest or the Cascade Resort and Spa in Demjén. Modern clean shapes, natural materials such as stone coverings, wood and reed all together radiate the beauty and tranquility of nature. The Ginkgo Biloba leaf, which is one of the defining elements of the entire design, appears in almost every space. For the designer, this symbol is the embodiment of natural elegance. In Allure, you can discover the atmosphere and philosophy of the Far East in several places.
As a family-friendly hotel and thanks to the size of our suites, our hotel is also ideal for families or large groups of friends. Our hotel is pet-friendly, so pets are also welcome.

Allure Bistro

Az Allure Bistro, mely a szállodánkhoz tartozik, szeretettel vár mindenkit, hogy kozmopolita hangulatban igazi gasztronómiai élményt nyújtson. A hangulatos éttermünkben a zöld pálmaleveles tapéta a természetközeliséget idézi meg. Az érdekes farács motívum pedig egy kerti pergola hangulatát varázsolja elénk. Ezáltal vendégeink egy varázslatos atmoszférában tölthetik el idejüket.
A változatos á la carte étlapunkon olasz és nemzetközi ételek találhatók, melyek eredeti olasz alapanyagokból készülnek és különleges ízeket kínálnak vendégeinknek. Napközbeni ebédek vagy esti vacsorák alkalmával is szeretettel várunk mindenkit a hét minden napján.